The New Generation Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps


Vacuum thin-film industry has been looking for a pump that is clean (oil free), long lasting and universally applicable to all processes such as Etch, CVD and PVD.  Dry Screw Pump is invented to do just that.

Operating Principle

Dry Screw Pump consists of precision-grind and matching pair of screws that makes no contact (no wear).  The pump is suitable for clean as well as harsh and corrosive environment.  It uses no oil and has the shortest gas discharge path which makes this pump more efficient than any other style dry pump available on the market. 

Unlike Scroll pump which deteriorates with usage from day one, dry screw pump maintains vacuum integrity year after year without requiring service.  Cost of ownership is lower than Scroll Pump.  More than 30,000 screw rotors are produced each year.

VPC pump is built with superior technology to achieve excellent vacuum performance and low running costs. The highly intelligent dry pump is ideal for replacing wet pumps as well as Scroll Pumps. 


Vacuum Coating TFT/LCD, LED
Vacuum Oven Solar Cell
Thermal Process Touch Panel
Biotech Metallurgical System
Pharmaceutical Plasmas Process
Chemical Drying Process
Semiconductor Degrass


Characteristics of VPC Dry Vacuum Pump


  • Short Gas Path and Reduce the Contamination of Process Gas: Comparing to other type of dry vacuum pump, VPC screw vacuum pump has the shortest gas path in the industry; minimizing   contamination such as condensing.    Screw rotors can play as a powder transmission mechanism.  It runs well even in the presence of contamination.


  • Excellent Pump Performance Due to the Excellent Rotor Profile Sealing Effects: Patented rotor profile can provide rotor excellent sealing effects thus a larger clearance is allowable in between. Pump rotor wearing and rotor jam by the process contamination can be reduced by larger allowable clearance.


  • Simple Structure Reduce the Chance of Unexpected Pump Stop and Easy for Overhaul Process: Screw type vacuum is composed by a pair of screw rotors and no isolation plates are required in different stages of pumping chamber.   Process contamination between rotors and isolation plates can also be avoided. Overhaul VPC dry pump is much easier than other type of dry pump. The repair time is shorter and the cost is lower.


  • Microprocessor Controller and Remote Control Software Can Protect Pump during abnormal situations: Microprocessor monitors running status at various pump parameters.  Pump can be easily operated and monitored at the operation panel.  Remote control software helps customer to monitor the pump’s running status remotely.


Features and Benefits
Environment friendly, low operating costs – no production of contaminated waste oil, no waste disposal cost.
Minimum downtimes, maximum availability and maximum ruggedness through an application optimized design.
Reduced process time in batch operation or short cycles - high effective pumping speed.
Low investment costs.
Cost optimized product - modular accessories meeting the demands of challenging process requirements.
Extended maintenance intervals, low servicing complexity.
Maintenance friendly, quick and easy accessibility to all servicing points.


Screw pump Series: PS, PD


PS: Standard single stage pump.  Water-cooled motor
PD: Low energy, double stage pump.  Water-cooled motor
PSE: Air cooled motor
PDE: Air cooled motor
ps-dry-screw-1.pngps-dry-screw-2.png pd-dry-screw-2.pngpd-dry-screw-1.png

PS Series Screw Pump 

PD Series Screw Pump 

Screw pump cross section 



screw-pump-sealing-surface-1.png screw-pump-sealing-surface-2.png

Screw Pump: # of sealing surface is 1 

Claw & Root: Multi Root:

# of sealing surface is 8 # of sealing surface is 10 

By product condensate from CVD process 



Heat exchanger is available (optional) as build-in and integral part of system at minimal added cost.

Explosion-proof series is available upon request (for Pharmaceutical & chemical application) Larger pump (model 602, 902) is equipped with booster pump to reduce pump time.   See specification for detail. 

psE pump size (m3/hr): 80, 160, 180, 602, 902, 1302, 1802
pdE pump size (m3/hr):    120, 300, 400, 500




Casing Air-Cooled Kit


Basic Controller


Inverter [1]

PSE (XXX) (Y)       (Z) (V)
PSE 80 T     D 1
160 S       N
180 N     H
602 F     C
902 G    

[1] Inverter: 1: Booster with Inerter. 2: Booster and Screw pump with Inverters.

Ex: PSE602-GD1: 602 Model contains Casing Air-Cooled Kit, Controller, Defric Coating and Inverter.

PS Screw Pump Model

Model # Screw  Booster
PS80 PS80  ----
PS160 PS160  ----
PS180 PS180  ----
PS602 PS80 PR600
PS902 PS160 PR900
PS1302 PS180 PR1300





PD Screw Pump Model
Model # Screw  Booster
PD120 PD120  ----
PD300 PD300  ----
PD500 PD500  ----
PD702 PD120 PR600
PD902   PR900
PD1902 PD300 PR1800
PD2202   PR3000
PD2602 PD500 PR3000
PDE3012 PDE800 PR3000

E: indicates air-cooled motor

Pump Type: A, H, G

Pump Type Pump Controller N2 heater Air cool Kit Inverter
A x x     1 or 2
H x x x    1 or 2
G x x   x 1 or 2

Coating Type: D, N, H, C

  Coating Clean Process Corrosive Process Powde Process Sticky Process
D Defric      
N Ni    
H Ni-Teflon  

 NMC: Nano Modified Ceramic

Part number system:    Pump model # -- Type -- Coating material -- Inverter --Special 
Example: PS602-HN1
               PS80 pump + PR600 Booster + Advance controller + N2 heating + Ni coating + one Inverter


PS Standard Series (1600 - 21000 L/min)

PS series pump down to an ultimate vacuum of 7.5 x 10-4 Torr. PS is robust and designed  to work under harsh environment. The cost of ownership is lowest among competing technologies.  You get all the reliability and performance for the processes.

Technical Data for PS Series Dry Vacuum Pump Specification
Model Unit PSE80 PSE160 PSE180 PSE602 PSE902 PSE1302 PSE1802
Pumping Speed L/min 1300/1600 2150/2600 2500/3000 8300/10000 12500/15000 17500/21000 25000/30000
/hr 80/96 130/156 150/180 500/600 750/900 1050/1260 1500/1800
CFM 47/57 77/92 88/106 294/353 441/530 618/742 883/1060
Ultimate Pressure Torr ≤7.5 x 10⁻³ ≤7.5 x 10¯⁴
Motor Voltage V 220~380 (50/60 Hz)
Rated Power kW 3.75 5.6 5.6 3.75+3.75 5.6+3.73 5.6+5.6 5.6+5.6
Connection Inlet   NW50 ISO100 ISO160
Outlet    NW40
Full Air
Cooler Fan
Rated Power
kW 0.373
Water Pump
Rated Power
kW 0.373
N2 Pressure Mpa 0.05
Dilute Flow SLM 0~60 (Process Dependent)
Sealing Flow SLM 6~8
Connection   Swagelok 1/4"
Dim L x W x H Inch 51x20x22 51x20x23 51x20x23 51x20x31 51x20x32 51x20x34 55x20x34
Weight Lbs 662 750  805 1004 1158 1267 1235
Noise dB(A) <68 <70 <70 <70 <70 <70 <70
Interface   SEMI E73-0299
Operation Temp. °F 41°F ~ 104°F
Operation Moisture RH ≤90%


PS Pumping Speed Curve



PS Pumping Speed Curve (With Inverter)


PS Pumping Speed Curve (With Switch)





PD Series (Energy Saving, 2000 - 13330 L/min)

PDE series sets new benchmark in high-energy efficiency. It is environmentally friendly, and with low power consumption. PDE series give you all the reliability and performance you want with less utilities cost. 

Technical Data for PD Series Energy Saving Dry Vacuum Pump Specification
Model Unit PDE120 PDE300 PDE400 PDE500
Pumping Speed L/min 1300/2000 4500/5500 5550/6666 8333
/hr 80/120 270/330 333/400 500
cfm 47/70 160/195 199/239 294
Ultimate Pressure Torr ≤7.5 x 10⁻³
mBar ≤1 x 10⁻²   
PA ≤2   
Air-cooled Motor Frequency Hz 50/60
Voltage V 220/380/440±5%(3Phase)50/60Hz
Rated Power kW 3.73 7.5 15 15
Connection Inlet   NW50 ISO63 DN80
Outlet   NW40 NW50 ND50
Cooling Water Min Flow L/min 3 6  
Max Pressure kg/cm² 4
Pressure Dif kg/cm² 1
Temp. °F 64 ~ 77
Connection   RC 3/8" RC 1/2"
N2 Pressure Mpa 0.05
Purge Flow SLM 6~60 12~150
Connection   Swagelok 1/4" Swagelog 3/8"
Dim L x W x H Inch 46x21x24 54x23x24 72x31x31 72x31x30
Weight Lbs 616 770 1903 1907
Noise dB(A) < 70 < 72 < 80 < 80
System Max. Leak-rate mbar l/s 1X10¯⁵
Operation Temp °C 41°F ~ 104°F
Operation Moisture RH ≤90%
Interface   SEMI E73-0299


PD Series Pumping Speed Curves


PD & PS Series Comparison of Power Consumption Curves



Pump Selection Chart

      Pumping Speed m3/hr (CFM)
      100 150 300 500 600 800 1000 1200 1500 1800 2000 2200 2600 3000
Model # Screw  Booster (170) (255) (510) (850) (1,019) (1,359) (1,699) (2,023) (2,548) (3,058) (3,398) (3,738) (4,417) (5,097)
PS80 PS80    ----- x                          
PS602 PR600         x                  
PS1002 PR1000             x              
PS160 PS160    -----   x                        
PS902 PR900           x                
PS180 PS180    -----   x                        
PS1302 PR1300               x            
PS1802 PR1800                   x        
PD120 PD120    -----   x                        
PD702 PR600         x                  
PD902 PR900           x                
PD1202 PR1000               x            
PD300 PD300    -----     x                      
PD1402 PR1300                 x          
PD1902 PR1800                   x        
PD2202 PR3000                       x    
PD500 PD500    -----       x                    
PD1502 PR1300                 x          
PD2012 PR1800                     x      
PD2602 PR3000                         x  
PDE800 PDE800    -----           x                
PDE3012 PR3000                           x


Installed Base & Application

Field  Process Field  Process
Solar Cell PVD TFT-LCD Metal / Oxide Etch
CVD Cell
ETCH Color Filter Stripper
Mono Crystal pulling Chemical HF Generation
Poly Crystal Furnace Methanol de-press
Semi ICP/RIE Etch Distillation
ETCH / PECVD Esterification
Plasma Cleaning Pharma Vacuum Extract
LPCVD Industrial Vacuum Furnace
               Electronic Heat Pipe