Poppet Valve -- KF/ISO Flange

VPC valve is designed for 3 million cycles with warranty of 1.5 million cycles (or 12 months). Valve body is made of 304 stainless steel. Welded bellows are made of AM350 for long life. To guarantee long lasting seal life, actuator housings are machined and honed to micron precision -- contrary to traditional tube-housing which are neither round nor straight.

VPC's standard pneumatic valves up to 50mm are normally closed.  Standard valves over 50mmare air-open / air-close.  Valve size goes up to 630mm.  Optional "pneumatic lock" is available.



Poppet Valve -- CF Flange

CF flange valves have 2 confirguations: 

High Vacuum -- Viton seal at bonnet

Ultra High Vacuum -- Copper seal at bonnet



Gate Valve

 All stainless steel gate valves featuring low maintenance, vibration and low particles

GVRP valves are plug-in compatible with standard valves; easily replace valves in the field.  Valve body is vacuum brazed to give clean & long lasting performance.

GVPP has special "protection ring" that shields entire valve mechanism from process  gas; perfectly suited for Etch, CVD or nano process with high particulate. 




Ball Valve

Ball Valve is ideal for isolating reactor, trap and scrubber on vacuum coating tool for harsh and corrosive environment. Down-stream of chemical reaction chamber is challenged by by-product deposition and particulate.  Wiping action of the Teflon across the ball reduces particulate buildup, making this valve robust in particulate rich effluent streams.

Body, stem, ball and end caps are made of 316L stainless steel. Fluoroelastomers are used to seal the stem from atmosphere.  PTFE (Teflon) seals around the ball to isolate processes.  Blow-out proof stem, full bore with internal surface of Ra




Slit Valve




Valve Accessories

Position Indicatior

Solenoid: 3-way, 4-way

Valve Seal Kit/Repair Kit